Sunday, April 2, 2017

Skype database analyzer

I was going through my old computer files and found files for my old Skype account. Initially, I used SkypeLogView from Nirsoft (
It was examining main.db file located under C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Skype\SKYPE_USERNAME\. I looked at the file type and it was sqlite database then I used DB Browser for Sqlite ( to examine the database. I found way more information than what I got from SkypeLogView.

I ended up writing a script to extract some of that information. Initially, I wanted a graph like one displayed here for all the contacts. I never got that far.

What the script currently does:

  • Extract info about the main account. Info such as emails, phone #'s, mood info, and etc.
  • Extract info about contacts. Skype even stores people who you were in group chat with but whom you haven't added to contact list. 
  • Gets info on how many messages each author has sent.
  • Similar to tweets analyzer, it gets info for hour and number of messages for each author. It doesn't do the cool graph though. :(
  • Prints top 10 words used by each author. (This is kinda useless)

Feel free to copy it. I spent a day on writing that so it's not that great. If anyone improves it, leave a comment.